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Reviews & Star Ratings

Moonshiner The Wolf ~ featured in several countries, averages 4.5 stars.

 1. "Very good story. Great main character, and others too. Well written, captivating, and exciting. Harsh reality mixed with ghostly spirits and unconditional, eternal love." 5 stars, Barnes and Noble, Anonymous

 2. This book helps us to understand two things: One, life is about the realization that if you know something has to be done, be self-reliant and do it, which in turn creates a strong sense of worth. And two, for some of us it can be difficult to know others as deeply as we might like to, especially those we love the most. Be good to those you love so you can live with them after this life, forever and ever." Flipcart ~Andrew Campbell

 3. "OMG! I feel like I'm gonna cry! That was so sad!" 5 stars, Anonymous, Barnes and Noble

 4. "Good read. Definitely worth it!" 4 Stars, Anonymous, Barnes and Noble

 5. 5 Stars - no review - Anonymous, Barnes and Noble

 6. "This highly illuminating book marks a significant stage in our growing understanding of how national traditions of economic thought has been affected." Communications in Canadian society - WordPress.com

 7. "That was very enjoyable. Thank you for sharing the story with the world. I hope others also enjoy it." 5 stars ~ Anonymous, Google Books

 8. "Kudos! A heart-wrenching story that entices you to keep reading. It's well written and certainly appropriate for all ages. Loved reading it." 5 stars, Thomas Holden 

 9. "A moving story from beginning to end; one scene is a real tear-jerker." - Alpine Avalanche, Alpine, Tx. Valerie P. 

 10. " Moonshiner The Wolf tells the tale of a courageous West Texas ranch woman. She befriends a wolf that becomes her lifetime guardian. Don't miss out, read it!" Bandera County Courier Editor, Bandera, Texas, Carolyn Edwards.

11.  4 Stars, no review

12.  3 Stars, no review

13.  3 Stars, no review

14.  4 Stars, no review

15.  5 Stars, no review

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Monster at My Window (RANKED HUNDREDS OF TIMES IN APPLE iBooks globally and featured in twenty-five countries.)

 1. "A highly recommended thriller! Good battle scenes and good plot will hold your interest all the way through. Not one unnecessary or boring word, no forced elements that disrupt the flow. The characters come to life and the setting fits like a glove. It begins with an up close casting of a young daughter who tells the truth and from there it unfolds into a unique storyline when friends face up to creatures that infiltrate their south Texas town. The end will leave you wanting more thrills, I guarantee it." 4 Stars, David Martinelli, Barnes and Noble

 2. "Great Read! I thought this book would be all about monsters, but I got more out of it than just a monster story. This book reminds people that no matter how a child describes something, you should always listen and hear them! The way a child views something is not always the way we adults view them. Great book! To me, much more than a monster story." 5 stars, Wanda S., Barnes and Noble

 3. "Different, but interesting." 3 Stars, R.em, Barnes and Noble

 4. 5 Stars, no review, Anonymous, Barnes and Noble

5.  5 Stars, no review.

6. 2 Stars, no review.

7.  4 Stars, no review.

8.  3 Stars, no review.

9.  2 Stars, no review.

10.  5 Stars, no review.

11.  4 Stars, no review.

12.  4 Stars, no review.

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 Hannibal a True Story (RANKED 3,156+ TIMES IN Apple iBooks U.K., CANADA, U.S.A., AUSTRALIA , MALTA, CYPRUS, and is featured in forty-four countries)

 1.  Livid read.  A very good prose that puts you in the scene with its fears and emotions!  You can sense the environment around you and wish that you were stronger and faster. KOBO, by 3rdRogerD, December 2015

2.  "The storyline in this short novella produces no punches as the author describes her survival against an animal that was never taught love."  5 Stars, Smashwords, Kristina Howells, France author

 3. "Exciting thriller! Intense! Thank you for writing it.  5 Stars, Anonymous, Barnes and Noble

4.  "Whoa, a lot more than I bargained for." 3 Stars, Anonymous, Barnes and Noble

5.  "Exciting - keeps you on the edge of your seat." 4 stars, Jmm44, Barnes and Noble

6.  "Highly compelling and recommended." 5 stars, Anonymous, Barnes and Noble

* * * * * * * * * *

 Visiting Mary (CHOSEN BY FOUR EDITORS IN TEXAS and has reached highest rankings in seven countries)

 1. "This short story is charged with emotion and the imagery is fantastic as well ― keep writing." Heather Kitt

 2. "Enlightening short story, so glad you shared this one." Anonymous, Barnes and Noble

* * * * * * * * * *

 The Rabbi's Books (REACHED NUMBER ONE IN HUNGARY, MALTA, POLAND, AND CYPRUS this year and is featured in twelve countries)

 1. "Excellent point of view. From the atrocities depicted in Elie Wiesel's 'Night' to the haunting scenes of Schindler's List, these events truly are worth teaching. To think that certain schools would have the nerve to excuse the matter is absolutely disappointing. Bravo to you, Nancy, for portraying that point of view and doing it so well!" Authorstand, Shane Ryan

 2. "Absolutely Outstanding!" 5 Stars, Master Exec, Apple iBooks ITunes

* * * * * * * * * *

 Flood of 1965 (REACHED HIGHEST RANKS IN SEVEN COUNTRIES and featured in eleven countries)

 1.  "It was amazing.  This book although short, surviving floods is just as fast a moving object. A very descriptive narrative of this true story. Goodreads, Jeannie Harper, 5 stars

 2.  "I felt like I was a part of the story, good description." 5 stars, Laura Everly, Smashwords

 3. "Loved this. It was short but perfect. The author puts you with her family so well you feel a part of their story." 5 stars, Barnes and Noble, Anonymous

 4. "Chilling.  Born in Texas, I know about flash floods.  This is a good account of a family sticking together.  Recommended.   5 Stars, Anonymous

​5.  "Enjoyed this, a good well rounded story."  4 Stars, Anonymous

6.  "Very Good." 4 stars, Anonymous, Barnes and Noble

7.  "Lucky family."  5 stars, Anonymous

8.  "Really liked it." Kk, Goodreads.

​* * * * * * * * * * 

La visita a Maria  (Spanish translation of Visiting Mary) ~ Featured in Spain, Portugal, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, El Salvador, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, Bolivia, Paraguay, Panama, Chile, Ecuador, and Nicaragua.

Star ratings from these countries are not processed.

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Lucky ~ Featured all over the world.   9 ―Five Star Reviews

1.  "Awesome story about a hawk.  I am an aviculturist, and I love the story of Lucky."  5 Stars, Anonymous, Barnes and Noble

2.  "Well written and great attention to detail.  Wonderful pics." 5 Stars, Sylvia RV, Barnes and Noble. 

* * * * * * * * * *

Steven ~ Featured in several countries.    

1.  "Thought provoking and moving" 4 Stars, Anonymous, B&N
2.  "Provocative, all mothers and sons should read this story" 5 Stars, Anonymous, B&N
3.  No review, 3 Stars, Anonymous, B&N 

A true novelette that reveals two teenagers who witness a violent act between their parents.  One survives, but on the road to the hospital Steven's motorcycle veers out of control.  He suffers injuries that no human could live through.  For months Steven survives in the same hospital with his mother even after a Priest was summoned to give last rites.  The belief was that only prayer and God could have saved Steven's life.

"Mother snapped her fingers. ‘Get down on your knees,’ she said while pointing to the floor. We knew she meant it by the stern look on her face. In her bedroom, we gathered closer together in front of the Virgin Mary and quickly kneeled. She lit the candle beside the statue, performed the sign of the cross, immediately knelt next to us, and said, ‘Keep in mind what I told you: each time you remember a person who has passed on, their spirit reads your thoughts. Steven’s close to death, but to save him, we want God to hear our loud prayers . . . . and that will shower us with hope." 

* * * * * * * * * * 

Author's Note:   In December the Christmas short story "Visiting Mary" was chosen for publication by editors of four newspapers throughout Texas AND IS FEATURED EVERY YEAR, in "The Bandera County Courier" in Bandera County, "The Leader" in Dallas, Texas, "La Prensa San Antonio", and "El Hispano News," Dallas, Texas. 

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